Continuous Integration/Delivery

A GitHub Actions workflow is triggered after each push. Container images and manifests are built and pushed to the registry. Moreover, Tests are executed. On tagged commits, deb packages are extracted and artifacts are pushed to GitHub Releases.


  • This project uses a modified script from umarcor/qemu, which includes some enhancements. These patches have already been submitted upstream and will be hopefully included in future releases.

  • CLI: apart from checking whether a new version is available upstream, the Python CLI tool (see cli) can provide tables showing the available assets/packages. It would be interesting to add that info to the web site. On the other hand, builds and tests are currently written in Ideally, those would be migrated/merged into the CLI tool.

  • Dropping the kernel dependency: sudo privileges, which are required in order to register binfmt formats, are not available in all contexts [1]. In [R1], an alternative to binfmt is proposed. However, that approach has not been implemented in this repo yet.