qemu-user-static (qus) and containers

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Welcome to the Documentation of qemu-user-static and containers (qus)! Build and execute OCI images for foreign architectures using QEMU’s user-mode emulation.

qus is a compilation of utilities, examples and references to build and execute OCI images [R19] [R27] [R20] (aka Docker [R7] [R25] [R14] images) for foreign architectures, using QEMU’s [R3] [R4] [R28] user-mode emulation.

Ready-to-use docker images are provided for each of seven host architectures officially supported by Docker, Inc. or built by official images [R15]:

  • amd64

  • i386

  • arm64v8

  • arm32v7

  • arm32v6

  • s390x

  • ppc64le

Multiple minimal working setups to build and execute arm64v8 containers on amd64 are configured and tested on Continuous Integration (CI) [R24] services (GitHub Actions [R16] [R26]). The full flow is public, for other users to learn and adapt these resources to their needs. See github.com/dbhi/qus/actions.

These resources are tested on GNU/Linux and Windows 10 (Docker Desktop). Contributions to test them on other host OSs are welcome!